"Renewed" the smart way of buying! However some people find the word "Refurbished" off putting as they think that they are just buying a second hand and used product, damaged or missing parts, well you'll be happy to hear this is not the case.

What is "Renewed"?

A Telephones Online "Renewed" item is a product that has been returned to the manufacturer for various reasons and then has been refurbished to an as new condition and are sold with a 12 Month Telephones Online Warranty.

Where do they come from and why are they returned?

Our "Renewed" products come from various manufacturers and mainstream high street shopping chains that have been sent back for an array or various reasons such as:

"14 Day returns" - Products that have been ordered and returned under the 14 day no quibble returns policy that most shops supply with their warranties, therefore these can't be resold as new as seals may have been broken.

"Ex-Demonstration" - Stock that has been on the shop floor or shopping /product exhibitions and although they are new they may have had fingerprints, missing parts or have had the packaging damaged.

"Faulty Returns" - Customer have returned their product due to a fault. But this is not always the case and a huge percentage of faulty returned good is just down to user error and in fact has not fault at all.

What's the "Renewed" process?

At Telephones Online every product regardless of the reason for return goes through a rigorous refurbishment process. Products are thoroughly tested for faults or broken parts which are then rectified or replaced and then retested and restored back to their original factory condition and performance.

Any software is updated to the latest version if available and all products will go through a data cleanse to make sure that if they have been used that no personal data is stored and the product is set back to a factory condition and in an as new state.

All Mobiles/Smartphones go through a 30 Point Plus CAT Certified process

Why buy "Renewed"?

We encourage customers to buy "Renewed" products for many reasons here are just a few:

"Save Money" - the most important reason, when buying a "Renewed" product you can save on average between 30% - 50% of a new product without compromising on quality and performance.

"Save The Planet" - Another huge reason to buy "Renewed". According to the Environmental Protection Agency, E-waste is now the fastest growing part of the municipal waste stream. It was estimated that between 2003 and 2010, more than three billion consumer electronic devices would be discarded. So go green and buy our refurbished products.

"Out Of Stock" - Popular new products can go out of stock with a blink of an eye, however you may find a product that is "Renewed" and in stock at half the price!

Here's what some of our customers think!

Thank you! What an excellent service you provide! The phones are great! The price was excellent! The customer service and response has been second to none!! If you have a customer questionnaire / feedback form i will be more than happy to give you excellent feedback. Thanking you.

Was looking for a new smartphone and found these guys was a bit dubious about buying one of the smartphones as I saw they were refurbished. I took a chance and when the phone arrived it looked perfect I was so happy that I had saved money and that the phone was great. 12 Months warranty as well so cant really go wrong! Thanks
Scott Trent

Been looking at buying a iPhone 5 but was always put off buy the price of a SIM Free one, then I came across you guys and saw the iPhone 5 at a great price but saw it was a refurbished item. As the price was so good I took a chance, the iPhone arrived and I was amazed as it looked brand new. I would defo buy refurbished products from now on if they all turn up like this!

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