Gigaset Telephone Repair

Gigaset Telephone Repair

Repair Service

Your Gigaset Telephone has stopped working or is not working correctly? We can repair it for you even if you did not purchase it from us. We are an accredited ( by Gigaset ) UK repair centre with over 20 years experience in the repair of cordless phones.

We offer a simple no hassle repair service where we will arrange for your phone to be collected, inspected and delivered back to you all with one-off cost of £30.00

Common Issues include:

  • No sound from earpiece
  • Handset won't charge
  • Keypad does not work
  • Microphone does not work
  • Handset will not register to base
  • Handset is dead
  • Handset lost sync with main base
  • Handset screen is now blank
  • Handset(s) wont ring anymore
  • Caller Display not working

How to book your Gigaset Telephone to be repaired

We have a simple 5 step repair process.

1) Purchase the Gigaset Inspection for £30.00 (If you live outside the UK Mainland contact us directly as additional charges may apply) . We will send you a prepaid returns label along with a returns form.

2) Pack the phone, charger and all handsets and post back to us using the prepaid label, please include the returns form.

3) The telephone will be inspected by one of our specialist engineers. If the fault can be fixed by a simple service we will do this for FREE otherwise we will provide you a quote for the repair by email.

4) You simply decide if you want us to go ahead and fix the phone. You will then pay for any additional cost for the repair. We will carry out the repair and send the phone back to you within 7 days. If you decide not to go ahead we can simply send your phone back.



Buy the £30 Gigaset Telephone Repair Service - we send you a prepaid return postage label


You pack up the telephone and return it to us with a note describing the fault


If the fault can be easily rectified we will fix it for free and return it to you - alternatively we will let you know how much it could cost additionally
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