Cordless Phones FAQ's

How do I remove the battery cover on my BT cordless phone?

AAAh, yes, we have had a lot of issues about this recently, it is a case of jamming your fingers in the back and tugging as described in more detail here... removing the back cover on your cordless phone

Why can't I make or receive telephone calls?

Please try the following: Have you made sure that you are using the line cord provided with the phone Check that both ends of the line cord are connected correctly Make sure the power supply is plugged in to the mains and power switched on. Is the handset screen flashing Base, Out Of Range or Searching? Move closer to the base unit to try and resolve the error message. You may need to re-register your handset to the base please see user guide for instructions. Switch off the power to the phone and leave for 10 minutes, reconnect and see if this resolves the problem Try the phone line cord in another phone socket if possible or try another working phone in that socket

Why can't I get a dial tone?

ensure you using line cord provided within the box, as your existing lead may not work

Do you need a phone line socket for every handset you have?

No Only Main Base Unit Requires Connection To Phone Socket

If you have more than 1 handset can you call transfer or have internal calls?

Yes, Any Cordless Phone With More Than 1 Handset You Have These Features.

Do you need main power for all handsets?

Yes, As You Need To Charge All Handsets.

Why does my handset continually display 'Register' on the screen?

Register the handset to the base. Your user guide will be able to guide you through the correct procedure.

Can I leave my handset on charge all the time?

You Can, But We Suggest Letting The Batteries Run Down To Get Full Life Expectancy.

What range do you get with home phones?

Indoors 50 Metres / Outdoors 300 Metres.

Why does my handset continually display 'Searching', 'Base' or 'Range out' on the screen?

Ensure that the handset is within range of the vase and that there are no thick objects like solid floors or walls between them. Also check that there is nothing that may cause inteference clos to the base station - some TVs or routers could cause this. As with many electrical appliances you can always try turning the base station off ( removing it form power ) for a few seconds.

Why is my keypad not responding when I press a button?

Double Check Keypad Lock Is Not On, You Will See A Keypad Lock Icon Showing On Screen.

Why don't I seem to get a very good range with my cordless phone?

The base should be placed away from other electrical/electronic equipment e.g.TV’s, PC’s, modem/routers, microwaves, mobile phones etc. Ideally these items should be at least a metre away to avoid possible interference.

What's the max number of handsets you can have?
Usually 5 Is The Maximum You Can Have.

Can you turn the answering machine off?

Yes You Can Via The Main Base Unit

Why can't I play messages that have been left on my answering machine?

Check the loudspeaker/playback volume setting. If you have set it too low you may not hear playback of any messages that have been recorded. There is usually a Vol+/Vol- button to adjust the loudspeaker/playback volume. Your answer machine may be set to Answer Only. This option does not allow a caller to leave a message.

Why can't I access Nuisance Call-Blocking?

Ensure You Have Caller Display Activated With Your Provider.

Can you use alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable?

No This Will Damage The Phone If Alkaline Batteries Are Used.

Are batteries provided when buying from you?

Yes Rechargeable.

Are the phones boxed?

Yes They Are.

Why doesn't my handset ring?

Ensure That The Handset Ringer Volume Hasn't Been Turned Down Or Off.

Why am I receiving interference or noise on my phone?

Please Make Sure If Your Using an ADSL Micro Filter If On A Broadband Line.

Why won't my Caller Display work?

Check With Your Phone Provider This Is Activated On Your Phone Line.

Why is my answer machine not recording messages?

Double Check You Don't Have Voice Mail Activated On Your Line.

Will my telephones come with a warranty?

All our cordless phones come with a minimum 12 month warranty.

Do you need caller display to use the call blocking feature?

Yes, a subscription with your supplier is necessary.

Why is my phone saying no link to base?

The handset needs re-registering to main base via simple key pad procedure - information within user guide.

Can I use different model handset with my existing base unit?

Yes, if your base is GAP compatible, however you will only be able to receive & make calls - call transfer and intercom will not be available.

Will these phones work in a power cut?

No , we suggest having a corded phone that has no power supply as a back up or spare.

What Does DECT stand for?

DECT is a European standard which is used on most digital cordless phones - more info on DECT here.
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